by Suzanne Huntzinger

Daltile, the company customers have come to trust to beautify their homes and office buildings has a hidden secret. Underneath the luxurious, opulence of their porcelain tile, is a product that is environmentally friendly and friendlier for your health.

Customers expect the stylish, elegant look of Daltile porcelain. Now you can expect a product that’s recyclable, reusable, and an excellent product for healthy living. Daltile, the nation’s leading tile manufacturer is committed to corporate responsibility by continuously seeking ways to develop their products and maintain their facilities and processes to meet high ecofriendly standards.

Daltile’s green manufacturing process starts with tile that is made from recycled or reclaimed materials. The company’s manufacturing facilities recover and reuse 100 percent of the wastewater generated during the production process, saving millions of gallons from being processed in local water treatment facilities. Daltile’s porcelain products also generate the smallest carbon footprint of any floor surface. The tile is free of harsh chemicals, plastics, and it’s green certified. Plus, Daltile gives 48 million pounds of materials that cannot be used to reuse programs, like brick and cement manufacturing and land reclamation.

The company also goes the extra mile to save fuel by strategically placing their distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and sales centers within a 500-mile radius. Their savings in fuel consumption and emissions are passed along to the consumer.

If you are not impressed yet, let yourself be impressed with a product that is made with your good health in mind, meeting healthy living standards for hospitals, schools, and other organizations. Daltile’s porcelain starts with pure, natural clays rather than synthetic materials. Even the glaze is water based, which means minimal amounts of harmful solvents are used in the production process.

Find out more about the hidden potential of eco-friendly, health-conscious porcelain tile from Daltile. Learn more at or visit their design gallery showroom in Fishers to see their selection of gorgeous tiles in person.