by Katie Mientka

How to Hire the Right People

When you hire an employee, you are not just bringing someone in to install flooring, service HVAC systems, or design compelling spaces for clients. You are hiring them to represent your company, to be your face in the field, to help you meet your business-building goals. The right employee is your biggest asset.


  1. Start by Clarifying Your Job Descriptions and Needs. Define the scope of the job, including responsibilities, required skills, outcomes, and the work environment. Create accurate, concise job descriptions before you attempt to find the person who will fit like a glove.
  2. Publicize Your Openings. Posting job openings on Indeed and ZipRecruiter is fine. Do it. But don’t stop there, or you may miss out on top talent. Job seekers say that social media is the most useful job search resource out there, and 79% of applicants use social media in their search
  3. Rethink Your Interview Process. So, shake your interview process up. Why not take the prospective employee out to meet your team? How do they interact? Do they treat everyone with respect? It’s easy to give the right answers in an interview room; but how do they act out in the “wild” or when the unexpected occurs?
  4. Focus Hard on Soft Skills. Hard skills and education are essential, but some of those skills can be taught and acquired on the job. How about the candidate’s ability to listen? Communicate? Interact with diverse people?
  5. Ask Your People. Want to find the right employees? Ask your current team members for recommendations.

Taking the time to hire smart is essential to your business’s success. When you’re thinking about growing your team, also consider what you can do to grow the next generation of talent. At Home Artisans of Indiana, we are committed to building better businesses together. Find out more or connect to us, request an invitation to join at