by Griff Housemeyer

The Flexible Solution for Your Home

It’s 85 degrees and that one room of your house just can’t cool like the rest. Maybe it’s your master bedroom, maybe a sunroom. You’re frustrated and want a solution. Sound familiar?

It’s no surprise then that ductless heating and cooling systems are the fastest growing comfort solution in the industry. These efficient and flexible systems allow homeowners to take care of those hot rooms at the flip of a switch.

“We’re finding that ductless systems can be the perfect solution to many issues our customers have with certain parts of their home,” said Brady Wilson, General Manager at Homesense Heating and Cooling. “Because they’re not tied to ductwork, we’re able to get efficient airflow into areas that otherwise can’t be reached.”

Also known as “mini-splits,” ductless systems offer the flexibility to determine exactly how you want to heat or cool your home. Install one in that hot room to easily control its temperature or convert your whole house to a ductless system with multiple mini-splits. Regardless of the number, you’ll be able to separately control each one to your desired comfort level.

And since they’re installed on ceilings or walls, up and out of the way, they won’t take up any floor space or dictate rearranging furniture. They’ll fit right into your existing room.

“We’ve been installing mini-splits here at Homesense since they first hit the market,” Wilson said. “We’re excited about ductless because we believe it’s the future of central air. As a forward-thinking company, we’re always offering tech-based, innovative products like mini-splits.”

Imagine walking into that hot room in your house and simply picking up a remote and making the temperature exactly what you want. It’s possible with ductless.

Homesense is available to review your home for the best ductless solution and to share more about how ductless units work and the benefits they provide. Connect with Homesense at or 317-934-2588.