by Shari Held

People don’t often think about garage door safety until there’s an issue – a child or family pet is injured, or the house security is compromised. Follow these seven tips to protect your family and property.

1. Keep eyes on the door until it lowers completely. Within seconds a small animal or child can dart under the garage door and potentially get pinned to the floor.

2. Mount wall push-button openers a minimum of five feet from the floor. Children and garage door openers can be a deadly combination.

3. Keep remote controls locked up. You don’t want children to find them and use them like a toy. If you keep the remote control in your car, be sure to lock the car to protect your home from break-ins.

4. Leave the garage door/ opener installation to the pros. Think you can handle the job yourself? Maybe you can, but if you install the opener improperly, you risk creating a hazardous situation.

5. Replace your garage door opener if it doesn’t have a second safety reverse feature. If your home was built before 1993, your garage door opener may not have the now required second safety reversing feature.

6. Test the sensitivity of your garage door opener. Place a roll of paper towels or a piece of wood under the door and lower it. Does it stop automatically when it detects resistance? If not, you’ve got a potentially dangerous situation and your opener needs to be adjusted, preferably by a trained technician.

7. Don’t assume you need a more powerful opener if your door feels heavy. Your door is probably just out of balance. The cause needs to be diagnosed by a trained technician.

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