by Suzanne Huntzinger

Summer is officially here, and with it many homeowners are ready to open their deck, pergola, or fence for business. Whether you are a grill master who loves to host a good barbeque, have kids running around in and out of the pool, or just like to enjoy a quiet evening outside, Seal Now will help you protect your deck or other wood structure from the elements of both nature and summer fun.

Their formula uses high quality proprietary product to seal, waterproof, preserve, and harden your wood. “We do it the opposite of traditional thinking,” says Annie Selle of Seal Now. “Instead of staining the wood first then sealing it, we seal it first to protect the wood. Our top priority is to help you protect your investment.”


Seal Now’s permanent sealant penetrates the wood of your deck, forming an internal seal, which slows seepage, blocks dampness, and prevents mold, fungus, and warping. The experts at Seal Now start with prepping the deck by washing the surface, stripping and removing the old stain, if necessary, before applying the sealer. The one-time application procedure leaves a clear, natural finish.

“Many of our customers choose this option because it leaves the wood deck in its natural state, and with yearly cleaning, it preserves the look and integrity of the wood,” explains Selle. Seal Now’s products comes with a 25-year warranty, making your deck virtually maintenance free.

If you prefer to add color to your deck, Seal Now offers that option as well. They can seal the deck and add a high-quality oil-based stain. “It’s aesthetically pleasing and helps match the home’s color scheme,” Selle adds. Although the sealer is permanent, wood stain will need re-applied every 2-4 years.

Get your deck protected and your concrete sealed and stained before summer really gets into full swing. Call Seal Now at 317-548-2002 or visit to care for and protect all your outdoor investments.