by Suzanne Huntzinger

Aziz Mountassar Further Elevates Anthony’s Chophouse as Executive Head Chef

The deep, rich aroma of butter, garlic, and herbs on a perfectly cooked cut of Wagyu beef, a beautifully creamy risotto, and a fresh, crisp salad. The sound of ice in a cocktail shaker mixing up a signature martini, or the light scent of rosemary from the Flora Y Fumo cocktail, torched tableside. All accompanied by impeccable service. This is what patrons have come to expect at Anthony’s Chophouse.

Right in the heart of downtown Carmel at Monon and Main, Anthony’s Chophouse has already made its mark on the culinary scene in Carmel. The newest iteration from the Lazzara restaurant dynasty, the impressive, modern structure grabs you as you pass along the sidewalk. Entering through its massive one-thousand-pound doors engraved with an “A” for the handle, you immediately feel like you’re in a scene from a movie. The roaring fireplace, large brick walls and two-story windows make a statement of grandeur, reflective of Anthony’s commitment to deliver the best. The green, swanky, suede booths draw you in and make you feel welcome. The grand, mahogany bar, purchased from the beloved upscale restaurant, Glass Chimney which closed in 2008, pays homage to Carmel’s history.

Elevating Anthony’s Chophouse and its presence even further is their new Executive Chef. Chef Aziz Mountassar is thrilled to begin incorporating and sharing his signature cuisine, French Moroccan. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, an environment where love and respect for food and healthy products is one of the pillars of life, Chef Aziz was inspired by his grandfather who was once a chef for the King of Morocco in his palace.

Chef Aziz comes to Anthony’s Chophouse with his own unique history. He earned a master’s degree in economy and political management but decided one day to change his career to something that made him feel special. “I wanted to do something that allowed me to connect with the rest of the world from a small touch, taking small details to inspire the imagination and bring happiness to everyone’s soul. So, I decided to become a chef,” he says. Mountassar feared telling his father of his decision because he hoped Aziz would become a teacher, lawyer, or a judge. Chef Aziz reminded his father that being a chef would honor his grandfather’s profession, and ultimately, he gained his father’s support.

While in France, Chef Aziz worked with classic French chefs who taught him how to respect food. “I learned to talk to every ingredient and create a new language made from a silent plate, to speak to each guest with flavor, plating with vibrant colors so when they see it, they experience a new language. That’s food psychology,” he explains.

In the years since he became a chef, Aziz has lived out his passion, enjoying the connections with guests and sharing cultures. “I like to discuss how their day has been and finish it with a mix of ingredients full of flavor, bringing a smile to their faces so they forget about the stresses of life,” he says. But he admits he hasn’t fully abandoned his education. “I use my economy background to price plates, my political background to drive business in the right direction, and my management background to lead.”

Chef Aziz has a vigorous plan for executing his vision with LRG Restaurants, Anthony’s Chophouse and 3UP. “I look forward to bringing it to the next level starting from the dishwasher to the guest experience with my team. I believe achieving a Michelin star one day is possible. I appreciate Anthony’s energy and his team’s passion and vision for the industry. We are going to make each guest feel the luxury of the place, the taste of the food, and change the culinary scene here in the Midwest.”

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