by Suzanne Huntzinger

Among a collection of bright, tempting new restaurants and shops in the trendy Fishers District sits a cute, little boutique –BluePeppermint.

Just take a walk inside the charming store, founded six years ago by Owner Jessica Landez, and you’ll see it’s no surprise that it’s such a success. Hidden behind the racks of clothing and shelves of gifts and accessories is a story just as unique as the items inside it.

Landez started the business in 2015. But she didn’t start out in the fashion world. She first earned a degree in education. After working a year in the profession, she knew education wasn’t the right fit for her. The next step in her journey included working for her father’s company in the HR department, learning nearly every facet of business.

But in the back of Jessica’s mind was a little childhood dream that wouldn’t go away. She always cherished shopping trips with her mother and buying the latest fashions that looked great on both of them. She even daydreamed about getting lost in a mall and imagined living there. “I always knew in the back of my mind I wanted to own a boutique,” Landez says. So, when she came to a crossroads in her life, she asked herself what she would do if she knew she couldn’t fail, and BluePeppermint was born.

In the beginning, she rented space in local stores and featured her clothes on racks there. After two years, sales were vigorous enough to open her own space. BluePeppermint moved to a little house, formerly a floral shop, adjacent to the Fishers Starbuck’s, and stayed there for the next two years.

When the opportunity to occupy a space in the trendy new Fishers District arose, Landez couldn’t pass it up. While the timing presented some challenges due to the pandemic, she says sales have been amazing since reopening in May 2020.

BluePeppermint carries on-trend affordable clothing. “I like to offer pieces people can wear and feel good in,” Landez says. To fill her shop with the latest and greatest, Landez spends time watching emerging trends and scouting good quality, affordable pieces from top brands. She also makes it a point to attend at least one fashion show a year in a large market like New York, LA, Vegas, or Dallas.

Since ladies rarely limit their shopping trips to clothing, Landez has expanded her inventory to offer a selection of gifts and accessories. “If they can’t find something they like for themselves, they can find a gift for someone else,” Landez says. You can find blankets, candles, coffee mugs, even baseball caps with the city’s airport code, IND. “My absolute favorite thing to carry is something I’ve found in another state while I’m on vacation, something that’s unique that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Finding spot on, trendy clothing and accessories is not her only secret to success. Since boutique shopping isn’t as popular in the north as in the south, shoppers often might feel intimidated, expecting high prices and an uninviting atmosphere. “I’ve worked very hard to make it a top priority to create a warm environment, make people feel comfortable, welcome, and not intimidated. I want to our guests to have a good shopping experience,” Landez explains, “We’re friends with many of our guests and care about them. More than anything, it warms my heart to see a mother and daughter shopping together and they both find something they like. Sometimes there’s a third generation added to the mix, and that’s even better,” she adds.

Stop by BluePeppermint in the Fishers District and check out all they have to offer. Or you can visit and order online with free shipping.