by Matt Keating

Whether you work from home or go into the office, you are likely busier than ever these days. If you have kids, they may be e-learning or attending classes in person, either way things are probably a little hectic.  With so much going on in your world, it can feel overwhelming to come home at the end of the day and keep your house clean or spend your weekends deep cleaning.

Christina Garten, President/CEO of Christina’s Complete Clean and Circle City Cleaning Crew, says she understands and can help. Christina’s Complete Clean is a locally owned house cleaning company that serves Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, and the north side of Indianapolis.

“People are home more now than ever,” Garten notes. “Not only do they deserve a premier cleaning service to help alleviate the load of juggling home, kids, school, and work, having a clean space creates extra time for family, and less stress on everyone. Let’s face it. We’re making more messes at home, (maybe companies will start reimbursing for housecleaning – since they are not paying for an office building)!”

When spending so much more time at home, safety is also likely a concern and Garten says Christina’s Complete Clean can help make your home safer.

“The bottom line is having a cleaning service also provides the utmost safety to everyone in the home, kids and pets included. A clean space is a healthy space, and a healthy space is a safe space.”

If you prefer to clean your own home or are just trying to keep it clean between professional visits, Garten has some great house cleaning tips for families:


“Like I tell my kids, I don’t live here alone” Garten says. “I didn’t create this mess alone. You could set a timer and make it a race or have a contest like best towel folding!”


It involves three major steps: First, The Pickup. Second, The Cleaning. Third and finally, The Disinfecting. Christina says, “We typically complete the last two steps and come in and clean after our homeowners/clients have picked up. Let us know if you’d like a bottle of disinfectant, or recommendations.”


Don’t forget to select a good play list to motivate you and open up the windows for fresh air. (If you don’t enjoy the process… well, call Christina’s Complete Clean!)

It’s also worth mentioning that Christina’s Complete Clean employees strive to make sure their clients are pleased with their work. They work to build solid relationships through the initial estimate process, and really getting to know the client and their home and family needs.

According to Garten, “Every home is different, and it helps to really get to know the client and understand what their needs and expectations are in the very beginning – then, sealing the deal with delivering on what we said we were going to do.”

Request a quote from Christina’s Complete Clean at (317) 564-4244, or check out their website at