Solving Technology Issues Remotely Saves Time and Avoids Scheduling Service Calls

“Remote monitoring is more critical and valuable for our clients with smart home systems than ever before,” says Ray Rice owner of Digital Sight & Sound, who has incorporated a remote management platform into his business for the past several years.

The pandemic has forced remote monitoring and service to the forefront of our clients’ minds.

“If we can avoid visiting our client’s house to resolve a technology issues, not only are we able to resolve the issue more quickly, we also avoid inconveniencing our clients with the hassle of scheduling.” Let’s face it, nobody likes service calls. Throughout this difficult year, more and more homeowners have understandably been wanting to keep any intrusion from tradespeople in their homes to an absolute minimum.

Remote monitoring and service has been a huge asset to Digital Sight & Sound’s business and continues to grow exponentially, it has allowed them to keep clients comfortable, entertained, safe and happy with their systems.

The more technology deployed in a client’s house, the more essential remote monitoring as a service becomes. “We want to build and sustain positive, long-term relationships with our clients, and this is the way to do it,” says Rice.

Remote monitoring provides the customer with a level of service that means that they don’t have to worry about being without the internet for a day, not being able to watch TV when the cable box is locked up, or when an automatic software update compromises equipment reliability.

With the level of remote diagnostics that we now have DSS can solve problems, reboot devices and easily resolve issues in 75% of cases. But in those 25% of cases that can’t be fixed remotely, DSS can usually identify the issue and come prepared with products needed to fix the issue. They can also provide reports about the stability and consistency of broadband services, which is also very welcome and appreciated by many clients.

Ultimately, remote monitoring in this way makes perfect sense for both DSS and their clients. According to Rice, “As soon as you explain what can be achieved with our remote platform then customers get how it can save them money compared to having to pay for service calls when the system might simply need a reboot or firmware update.”

DSS has had nothing but positive feedback from clients on remote service, especially now, when there is so much more sensitivity about technicians and programmers visiting properties.

If you are tired of repeated costly time-consuming service calls, contact Digital Sight & Sound to find out if your system is compatible for a remote monitoring and service agreement.