by Courtney Pope

Renovations and new builds are still on the rise and one of the many selections to make might be countertop materials. This decision is a big one – you need to evaluate beauty, cost, durability and so much more. Your countertop selection can really set the tone for your entire space. Indy Custom Stone wants to educate their clients on the distinguishing features of both quartz and natural stone along with differences and similarities to help you make an informed decision.

What is Quartz?

Quartz in its natural state is found in large crystals or sand-like grains. To produce the stone, it’s mixed with man-made materials (resin). This allows for a cleaner cut and becomes scratch and stain resistant. “Quartz has become extremely popular at Indy Custom Stone for its durability and antimicrobial properties. We have a great selection of beautiful quartz slabs in our newly finished showroom to choose from,” said owner John Lunsford.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural Stone like marble, quartzite, or granite is less malleable than quartz but is mined from mountains with individuality that makes it naturally unique. The natural stone might feature a soft-colored limestone or bold marble vein really showing off its raw patterns. The flecks, textures and colors can be mimicked, but never quite reproduced through manmade production. For many interior designers, one of their favorite natural stone options at Indy Custom Stone are their marble slabs – you can’t beat the timeless beauty the stone gives for many years to come.


➤ The material makeup of quartz not only is less prone to chipping than natural stone but also doesn’t need to be sealed regularly.

➤ Cleaner cuts are possible with quartz because of its mechanically engineered makeup.

➤ When selecting a natural stone, an eased edge really shows off the texture and marbling.


➤ Both quartz and natural stone are extremely heavy and require a professional team to install. The installation crews at Indy Custom Stone are well-equipped to handle unique situations like upper or lower-level installs.

➤ Be careful when selecting a stone for your exterior improvements! Not all quartz and natural stone is all weather-proof. For the outdoor kitchen or bar, consider a granite or marble that will stand up to the Central Indiana weather elements.

➤ Historically, quartz and natural stones seemed out of reach for many but as they become increasing popular, the prices have leveled out making them more attainable for many.

If you’re approaching the winter months with a countertop change or selection in mind, contact or visit the professionals at Indy Custom Stone. Indy Custom Stone is open to the public from 9-5, Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only. For more details or to check out their latest projects, visit their Facebook page or website