by Suzanne Huntzinger

It’s automatic, it’s high-tech, clean, sleek, and it makes every day living more convenient. It’s a smart home.

Just like your smart phone connects you with the world, Intelligent Living Solutions connects your home to your lifestyle. It’s the technology Europeans use to meet high energy conservation standards, and now you can bring it to your home.

Intelligent Living Solutions has been bringing smart home technology to homes and businesses for the last eight years and they were one of the first dealers to install the fully integrated hightech system. “There’s no cookie cutter approach. We customize the technology to fit your lifestyle,” says Dan Killinger, owner of Intelligent Living Solutions.

Intelligent Living Solutions smart home system controls your home without you having to tell it what to do. It turns your lights on only when necessary. It’s intuitive and senses your regular routine and the time of day, automatically turning on lights and opening your blinds. If you wake every night at 2 a.m. to go to the kitchen for a glass of water, the system will sense the routine and dimly illuminate a path. You’ll conserve energy because the device is programmed to heat and cool your home only if you’re in it, and only in the rooms you’re using.

You and your family will be impressed with the ease and convenience of the system. Just triple tap a button on the keypad to put the home in away mode. It turns off the tv and lights, pulls the shades, puts the HVAC system into economy mode and engages the security system.

Whether you’re considering a smart home system for your new home or a retrofit on your existing home or business, let Intelligent Living Solutions customize your smart home system today. Contact them at (317) 942-0502 or go to for more information.