You’re about to embark on a home remodeling project. How do you feel? Excited? Eager? Overwhelmed? Indecisive? Stressed? All of the above? It can certainly be an emotional roller coaster!

As ACo Design & Sales consultant Mia Farrell says, “There are so many ups and downs. It’s great to be excited about your new kitchen, your new bathroom, your new flooring… but we have to get you from Point A to Point B. We don’t have a magic wand; it’s going to get messy!”

While ACo takes every step possible to deliver a smooth, streamlined, positive experience, there is going to be a crew in your home. There are going to be some minor inconveniences – but they are all temporary. With that in mind, we’ve created a pre-construction checklist to help you prepare for your remodel.

Be realistic about the renovation process and timelines. Your project isn’t going to be finished in a week or two. Unfortunately, life isn’t HGTV! With more extensive lead times and unexpected delays, it is important to go into your remodeling project with the right mindset.

Expect the unexpected. All homes hold secrets behind the walls or under the floors. ACo strives to minimize these, but they can cause delays. However, knowing that, you feel like it’s a manageable part of the project instead of a complete derailment. ACo even offers a $1000 Change Order Guarantee.

Ask all the questions. Worried about paint fumes or construction dust, for example? Talk to your project manager. They can tell you about the process and help you better understand what it takes to complete quality work. They can also explain the products they are using, the safety measures they are taking, and ways to keep the space well-ventilated.

Clear the clutter and remove personal belongings. Now is the perfect time to purge. You will need to remove items from your space, so they are not damaged or do not impede work. This particularly applies to items with sentimental value, artwork, and framed photographs. While ACo prides themselves on respecting your home and treating it like their own, these objects can be damaged during a remodeling project.

Don’t forget the garage. While you’re at it, do a little decluttering in the garage. This is an invaluable space to store supplies and materials safely and out of the elements. You may also want to consider setting up a temporary garage code as an alternative to a lockbox to allow remodeling professionals access.

Consider parking/entry access for workers. How do you want this to work? Can the crew use your driveway? Is there available and plentiful street parking? Can your team enter through the garage? Front door? Will you be home? If not, can you use your smart lock to create a temporary code or use a lockbox?

Think About Temporary Relocations. For example:

  • If you are remodeling your kitchen, create a temporary space somewhere in the house that will allow you to retain at least partial functionality. Set up small appliances such as your coffee maker, microwave, and toaster. And if it comes to it, stock up on some paper plates and plastic utensils if you do not have an alternative sink.
  • Consider moving to a different bedroom with its own bathroom (or one that has a bathroom nearby). Traipsing through construction to get to your closet everyday can get old.
  • Plan a getaway. Homeowners can feel stressed during a remodeling project because they see disarray. We don’t see it as chaos because it’s all part of the process. Still, for homeowners who compare their vision with their current reality, it can be tough! So, get away for a bit. Plan fun events or a weekend away to give yourself a break from the construction.

ACo is committed to not only delivering exceptional results, but also the insights, guidance, and support you need during every step of your project. You’re not doing this alone; we want you to love where you live – and enjoy the process of getting there. Connect with ACo at for a free in-home design consultation.