by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Jess Blackwell Photography

Enjoying the Theatre Experience in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Through the years, home theatres have gained popularity as homeowners embraced the convenience and fun of taking in a movie in the comfort of their own home. The pandemic, however, really made the movement gain momentum as theatres across the country shuttered. Suddenly watching films from home became the new norm as it was the only option. For those who didn’t have a home theatre system, they watched films – either classics or new releases – on their televisions or computer screens, all the while making a mental wish list of features they dreamed of having in a home theatre package.

BRAVAS, a leading national technology integrator, is here to make dreams come true. They offer all the foundational solutions any client would need, including screens that are at least 75 inches wide, multichannel audio systems, automatic lighting control that brightens and dims when you step into the viewing area, and comfort seating. Of course, you can’t have the ultimate home theater without projectors with specialized screens on the walls with acoustical treatments that are so intense, viewers feel as if they have been dropped into the production itself.

In addition, BRAVAS can provide 4K laser projectors, ambient lighting and high-end speaker systems.

“What we do varies depending on each client’s needs, interests and budgets,” says Candace Hoffman, Business Development Manager with BRAVAS. “We focus on the client and cater to their needs by providing the perfect space for any scope and budget.”

Regardless of the space, homeowners can infuse their own design preferences into their private cinema. While some may favor an ultra-modern vibe with features that tie into the rest of their home’s décor, others gravitate to old-school nostalgia by incorporating things like backlit wall marquees and vintage popcorn machines. The seating can be mixed and matched.

“Many clients choose seating similar to what they may find in a theatre, with reclining capabilities and cup holders to hold their drink of choice,” says Hoffman. “They may also combine it with a comfortable, plush couch. It’s your home to do with whatever you want.”

The key is to start with a foundational screen that is sized to fit perfectly to the homeowner’s space, as well as including a multi-channel audio setup. These home theatres can also be connected to your home automation system so that everything can be controlled with a simple touch of a button.

If you’re struggling to figure out the best configuration for a home theatre in your house, the BRAVAS team can help. They start by hosting a discovery meeting, in which they learn all about the client’s wishes and share the process. They also demonstrate some of the sound systems so that clients can see, hear, and feel the quality. They find out what’s most important to each client. From there, the team engineers a custom design.

“Living in Indiana, we hear all the time, ‘What would we do without our indoor entertainment options?’” says Hoffman. “It’s true. You’ve got to have indoor entertainment options when you’re living in the Midwest. Cold temps are coming, but we’ve got you covered! We can give you that same theatre experience that you love while relaxing in the comfort of your own home.”

Connect with Bravas to schedule your discovery meeting and bring Hollywood into your home. Visit them online at or call (317) 580-1922.