by Shari Held

Hard-wired smoke detectors have many advantages – the most important one being that they provide better protection for your home and family. They can even interface with your home security system!

But, do you know how old your hard-wired smoke detectors are? For optimal performance they should be replaced every five to 10 years. Like everything else, smoke-detection sensors have a life cycle – 10 years tops – after which they become less effective.

“Some hard-wired smoke detectors also have batteries,” says Jodi Burtner with Burtner Electric. “At a minimum, you’ll need to change these batteries once per year, but we recommend twice a year. And replace them with the same type of battery – alkaline or non-alkaline.”

Using the same brand of battery is also advisable. For example, Burtner Electric uses Kidde smoke detectors and recommends using Kidde batteries with them.

A quick rule of thumb: if your smoke detector goes off for no apparent reason, it may be time to change the battery. That should be your first step in trying to rectify the situation. However, dust can build up in your units and cleaning the smoke detector with canned air may help with that. This often occurs during remodeling construction, but even in the cleanest of homes, dust can collect.

So, help protect your home and family by replacing smoke detectors and maintaining them properly and regularly.

If that doesn’t do the trick, contact Burtner Electric at (317) 773-7663, or online at We’ll be happy to check out your hard-wired smoke detector for you and help keep your family safe!