Over the last 30 years, Carrington Homes has seen many trends come and go. “It’s our job to keep an eye out for the trends for our customers,” says Carl McIntyre, owner of Carrington Homes. Here’s what’s trending now.:


Do your work behind the scenes and leave the kitchen sparkling clean for guests to gather. Prep kitchens typically feature appliances, cabinetry, and shelving.


Bigger is better when it comes to garages. Forget two- and three-car garages. Four-, five-, and six-car garages are popular now – and not just for car collectors. Homeowners in golf-course communities need extra space to house their golf cart, often specifying a garage side door specifically for it.

Besides vehicle storage, garages are being used to care for the family pet. Built-in dog showers are popular garage additions. And today’s garages are outfitted with cabinetry and shelving, epoxy-finished floors, and heating and air conditioning.


Contemporary-style homes with clean, simple lines and less ornate finishing touches are currently trending. “As with clothing, styles change and it’s the same way with homes,” McIntyre says.


Garages aren’t the only thing that’s expanding. Contemporary homes emphasize an airy, open look and the inclusion of nature. What better way to do this than with oversize windows?


Incorporating natural wood – flooring, beams, accent walls – into the décor of contemporary-style homes adds warmth to a style that can sometimes seem aesthetically severe.

If you want to take advantage of the latest trends in your new home, contact Carrington Homes today by calling (317) 336-8002 or visiting carringtonhomes.com.