by Suzanne Huntzinger

Finding time to clean your home each week gets harder and harder, because life moves at lightning speed. Dust, dirt, and grime don’t give you a break just because you’ve had a busy week. But no one wants to give up their Saturdays. That’s where Christina’s Complete Clean comes in.

They’ve been giving customers back their Saturdays since 2006. But Christina’s Complete Clean does it with a different philosophy. Even with all the modern tools that hold the promise of faster clean up, they believe there’s no substitute for doing it the old-fashioned way – with a bucket, a mop, and some serious elbow grease.

All Christina’s Complete Clean technicians, including founder and Owner Christina Garten, have been schooled on different surfaces and the safest ways to clean them. They do this with safe, effective, fresh scented products, not harsh commercial grade products that leave you overwhelmed by the strong smell. Christina’s leaves your home with the light, fresh scents of lavender or lemon verbena. The technicians seal in the clean with a mild-scented disinfectant. “Leave it on for two minutes and it kills any trace of Coronavirus,” says Garten.

As much as having help cleaning your kitchen, bath, baseboards and hidden cobwebs is a lifesaver, Christina’s doesn’t stop there. Because beyond dirt and grime is often clutter. So, Christina’s Complete Clean offers organization services too. Garten knows first-hand the value of a little extra help with organization. “Like many of us, I felt I was capable of cleaning one of my cluttered spaces,” Garten explains, “But, I realized, how helpful it is to have an extra hand in that big job, especially from an objective person who has no ties to the belongings.” For very reasonable rates, their expert team will help you clear your closet or other space. They can also offer consultation on an organization system.

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