by Christy Heitger-Ewing and Isaac Evans | photos by Adam Gibson Photography

It’s been a year, that’s for sure—one that will forever be crystalized in our minds as the time we learned to not take things for granted, whether that’s savoring good health, enjoying a fun concert with friends, or simply being refreshed by clean, fresh water. This last one is obviously vital to our very existence, but life happens, and things go wrong. For instance, turning on your faucet only to realize you don’t have water is an urgent situation.

Although they are designed to provide years of low-maintenance and hassle-free service, water wells may run into occasional issues. Power outages or blown fuses can impact electrical components. Filters can become clogged with rocks, sand, dirt, and other debris. Other well equipment, such as pipes, may crack. Groundwater tables sometimes run low. C&J Well Co., a premier water well drilling and well pump service company, has been dealing with these complex situations in Central Indiana for decades, and their team always responds quickly to customers in emergency situations. This is because the company’s focus has always been on customer care.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of C&J Well Company. In 1996, Josh Abdnour was working for a local well drilling company, Water Wells by Wilhite, when the opportunity arose to buy the company and its 1966 drill rig. Josh and his wife, Christy took the Wilhites up on their offer, and C&J Well Company was formed.


“Josh and Christy really want to take care of our customers,” says Paul Smith, Marketing Manager at C&J Well Co. “They set a great example of treating the customer kindly and fairly, and that mindset has trickled down to the whole company and to the guys out in the field.”

Over the past quarter century, C&J Well Co. has continued to grow. C&J has gone from simply drilling water wells to handling all aspects of well service, such as preventative maintenance, excavation, well pump service, and connections to city water using horizontal boring technology. From their humble beginnings, they now have three locations, upwards of 60 employees, three high-tech Versadrill rotary-drill rigs, and one bucket-well drill rig.

“We use state-of-the-art products when we drill and set your well for new construction or a replacement well for an existing home,” says Smith. “Once our well drillers find water, and it is time to connect to your indoor plumbing, a well pump is installed. Whether it is the well casing, the water pipe and wire, the fittings, or the well pump, C&J makes sure the equipment we use will last.”


Ten years ago the company branched out into the water treatment market as C and J Water by providing water softeners, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light bacteria mitigation systems, and chlorine removal for city water customers.

“We are committed to providing Central Indiana families with clean and safe water,” says Smith. “We really work hard to be the experts in all things water.”


Five years ago, Josh and Christy began partnering with Faith Children’s Village, an orphanage in Zambia, Africa.

“Christy has a big heart for those children and wanted to help them, so she and Josh committed to supporting these orphans,” says Smith. “Josh and Christy recognize that they have been given a lot by God and they just want to give back in that regard.”

The company is also dedicated to providing clean water in impoverished countries, such as Cuba and Haiti, so they have partnered with Filter of Hope to donate water filtration systems to impoverished countries around the world. These systems provide up to 200 gallons of clean water per day and last up to ten years with little maintenance.

“Filter of Hope teams can walk into a community, and provide the entire neighborhood with clean water,” says Smith.


The company runs special deals that make a difference in the lives of others. For instance, right now if you buy any water softener, C and J Water will give clean drinking water to a family living in poverty for the next ten years in your honor.

“Partnering with Filter of Hope is a great fit because we provide treated water, so it made perfect sense to help people around the world get access to good quality water,” says Smith.

C&J’s devoted employees, advanced equipment, and remarkable engineering all serve to ensure that customers have a wonderful experience.

“Whether you’re drilling a well for new construction, a replacement well for an existing home, need rapid service for your well system, or just preventive maintenance, C&J Well Co. and C and J Water can meet your needs,” says Smith.

Coming off of this challenging year, C&J Well Co., a member of the BBB, Indiana Ground Water Association, and the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis, looks forward to continuing to forge new partnerships in the industry.

“We would love to connect with construction companies and be the go-to source for well drilling as well as water treatment services such as softeners and reverse osmosis,” says Smith. “We are always looking for creative ways to partner with people so that we can help make their jobs easier.”

C&J Well Company is located at 8 East Main Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112. For more information, call (317) 852-WELL (9355) or visit