by Courtney Pope

There’s a process for selecting the perfect, yet safe, concrete finish for your home. As a third-generation owner, Ben Driskell, CEO of Flatmade Concrete loves meeting and talking with clients to explore those options, ultimately delivering their service and products with integrity, quality, and punctuality.

“Before choosing any layout or finish for a concrete project, it is vital to determine its purpose,” says Driskell of their initial consult process.“We also explore who will be using the space when considering the finish. Beautiful, topof-the-line stamped finish concrete might catch people’s eye, however a flatter surface with more traction will be safer and suitable for all ages and abilities,” explains Driskell.


■ How many individuals will be using the space at any given time?

■ How will that space be used? Will the surface be multi-use?

■ How much furniture will be placed on the surface?

■ Where will the high traffic areas likely be?

■ Do you prefer a lower maintenance finish?

Driskell continues, “We have the perfect checklist of questions, and we always consider the needs and safety of our clients first and foremost. We can guide you to the perfect custom layout and a high quality, decorative finish that suits its purpose and yours too!”

For high-quality decorative concrete work, connect with Flatmade Concrete by phone at (317) 446-5549, or e-mail You can also visit them online at to learn more about their team and services.