by Christy Heitger- Ewing | photos by The Home Aesthetic

Covered Porches are the Hottest Home Trend

What makes a house a home? According to industry leaders, it’s a covered porch!

“When we sit down with clients to do drawings, a covered porch is the number one thing homeowners want to incorporate,” says Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes. “Though we’ve been doing them for years, these days people want to take it to the next level by making them larger and adding in some fine amenities.”

Such amenities include a fireplace, built-in grill, nice refrigerator, and quality countertops. Some clients even opt to install big sliding doors adjacent to the porch, thereby inviting the outside in and creating a nice flow that blends the outdoor and indoor living areas.

“It’s all about expanding your space from the inside out as well as incorporating amenities that enable homeowners to utilize the porch during all four seasons,” says Garcia.

We may live in Indiana, but that doesn’t mean Hoosiers like to be cooped up inside for half the year. Fresh air is good for the mind, body, and soul, so we like to find ways to spend more time in the great outdoors. By installing heaters in the ceilings and powered shades that block the wind, a covered porch can maintain a comfortable 60 to 70 degrees even when temperatures are brisk.

“It’s great when it starts getting cooler to go outside, turn on the football game, get the fireplace going, and relax,” says Garcia. “It’s nicer than being inside!”

People are also interested in expanding the size of their porches. Gone are the days of just having a square concrete slab wide enough to set a loveseat and small side table. Now the desire is to have a decent sized covered porch that includes room for a spacious sitting area and separate spot for dining.

Plain concrete floors are also passé. Homeowners typically request either Trex decking that looks like wood or decorated stamped concrete, depending on their style.

“Homeowners want their outdoor space to be a reflection of their indoor style choices,” says Garcia.

In the past, he recalls building plenty of homes with screened-in porches. While they were nice, they had two major drawbacks. For starters, they were permanent, meaning the screens were exposed to the elements 365 days a year. All that exposure meant that they got dirty and damaged over time. Second, because of the way they were constructed, there were lots of dividers in between where the screens went, thereby reducing visibility. With today’s powered screens that go up and down, those dividers don’t exist so homeowners can enjoy the view no matter where they are sitting.

“Screens can go up to as much as 20 feet wide,” says Garcia. “Then say the mosquitoes start to come out, you can drop down that screen and close that space.”

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or simply relaxing at home with family, a covered porch promises fresh air, sweet memories and plenty of good times. Connect with G&G Custom Homes to discuss building your new custom home with the perfect covered porch.