by Courtney Pope

The leaves have started to fall, and cooler temperatures have arrived in Indiana. It’s sweater weather and what better time to plan a beautiful fireplace façade renovation? Get ready to cozy up with your favorite hot beverage in front of your newly remodeled Indy Custom Stone fireplace.

Indy Custom Stone believes unique wall applications are just getting started in Central Indiana and they are happy to offer beautiful products for fireplaces along with backsplash and showers or any other wall application. Although granite and quartz are sturdy products that stand the test of time, Neolith is one of their favorite outside-of-the-box materials. It is perfect for use on fireplaces.

“Neolith by TheSize is an incredible example of taking something from nature and making it better. TheSize gathers materials, combines them with their practiced technique and the result is a material as pretty as granite and with similar strength and durability. Used as a fireplace surround, it not only brings attention to itself, but also frames the whole structure in a seamless, deep shine,” said owner John Lunsford of Indy Custom Stone.

If you’re wondering what type of wall you need for the Neolith product, a finished wall is all the Indy Custom Stone team needs to apply around a faux, gas, wood or any other type of fireplace! “Because of its coating, Neolith is perfect for any job as smoke buildup is easily wiped away,” said Lunsford.

To get started on your fireplace wall application, give Indy Custom Stone a call at (317) 877-1000 or visit their website and learn more about the Neolith product options at