by Suzanne Huntzinger

Innovative Luxone System Takes Home Protection to the Next Level

It’s not your grandparents’ security system. Sure, modern home security systems scare away intruders when the alarm sounds just like they used to. But Intelligent Living Solutions has a system that delivers modern security and much more.

Indy’s premier home automation system company, Intelligent Living Solutions, brings home security to the next level with the Loxone system. This innovative security system comes with four steps of protection. It has all the traditional security features including a blaring alarm sounding when a door or window is opened, motion is detected inside, or glass breaks. But before the audible alarm even sounds, a silent alarm detects exterior motion and alerts you on your mobile device. Then it flashes lights and raises blinds so authorities can see into your home when they arrive. The off-site alarm alerts authorities immediately of the break-in.

Loxone’s system also goes beyond theft protection. It warns you and your family if the temperature in the home rises dangerously high, or if it detects excessive water levels, such as in the case of a leak or flooding. Once again, the system will automatically activate to illuminate the home for safe exit.

You’ve got a built-in reminder system with Loxone, too. If you forget to close the garage door before you leave or before you go to bed, you’ll get an alert. The system will also remind you to lower the blinds on a bright, sunny day to prevent excessive sun exposure to your furniture and keep your home running efficiently.

While you’re away, Loxone doesn’t let people know you’re gone. It operates as you would by turning on and off lights or raising and lowering blinds at your regularly scheduled times.

Let Intelligent Living Solutions modernize your home security system today. Contact them at (317) 942-0502 or go to for more information.