25 years ago, the most common countertop material used was laminate. Laminate is a plastic sheet product laminated over a wooden base or solid surface, and is a nonporous, homogeneous material maintaining the same composition throughout the material – laminate being the more affordable of the two. Both were/are good for normal residential kitchen use. The cons of both materials are resistance to scratching and ability to withstand high temperature.

In 2000, the popularity of granite exploded. Now the once very expensive countertop material used only in very upscale homes, became affordable due to the high demand.

Choices…. And more Choices

Over the last 15 years, other materials have entered the market to compete with nature-made granite and marble. Customers today have many choices. Here are the pros and cons of the most popular materials to help you make the right decision.


Pros: Nature made with many color choices and patterns. Although, not recommended, one can use knives for cutting directly on the granite. It will dull your knife. Hot pots and pans can be sat directly on the stone. No two slabs of granite or marble are the same.

Cons: Granite and marble needs to be sealed to prevent staining. All of our countertops are sealed at installation, using a high-quality product that can last up to 10 years before resealing is required. Marble is much softer than granite and requires a cutting board when using a knife. Also care must be taken with sliding abrasive materials across marble to prevent scratching.


Approximately 90% quartz 10% poly resin. Mix varies by manufacturer.

Pros: This man-made product has advanced over the last 15 years to the point that some look very close to a nature made product. The popularity has risen to the point that we fabricate 70% quartz and 30% granite. This product is non-porous so no sealing is required.

Cons: This product is not UV stable so outside use is not recommended. Hot pots and pans are not to be placed directly on this surface. It could possibly discolor or damage the surface. Cutting directly on surface will scratch the surface. Cutting boards and trivets are recommended.

Natural Stone Creations, Inc. is located in Franklin Indiana at 500 International Dr. We template, fabricate, and install. We also have a showroom with samples and staff to help you make that important material decision. To learn more, please visit naturalstoneindy.com.