by Shari Held

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and efficiency. Here are two electrical trends that do just that, along with some helpful advice from Burtner Electric!


An ever-increasing number of smart devices, from your smart phone to your smart watch, depend on USB cords for their power. If you’re like many people, your electric outlets are surrounded with multiple cables and adapters for charging all those devices. It’s unsightly and inconvenient. How many times have you had to track down an adapter so you can charge your cell phone?

That’s why swapping out existing outlets for outlets with built-in USB charging capabilities is trending right now. You can plug your USB cable directly to the wall – no more adapters needed!

“USB wall outlets provide fast and efficient charging,” says Jodi Burtner with Burtner Electric. “Contact us and we’ll be happy to make the switch for you.”


Whether it’s above the fireplace or high on a wall, this is an ongoing trend that shows no signs of waning. But it isn’t always possible to install an out-of-sight outlet behind the TV, or in the location you or your designer prefers. For example, there might be “hidden” brick above the fireplace. After you’ve purchased a TV for that space, isn’t the time to discover this!

“Before you get too far along with the project, have us out for an estimate,” Burtner says. “That way we can assure you that that your great idea will actually work out the way you planned it.”

If one of these trends appeals to you, contact Burtner Electric at (317) 773-7663, or online at for more information and help updating your home.