by Christy Heitger-Ewing

After fighting whipping winds, frigid temperatures and biting air that stings your face, nothing feels better than stepping inside your home and being met with an inviting burst of warm air, followed by a steaming hot shower and a piping cup of hot cocoa. Actually, there is something better. Imagine living in a sanctuary that exudes warmth from every space and place so that you are never again chilly inside your home – not even when you get out of your shower.

The team at Johnson-Melloh, an innovative mechanical contracting company, can immerse you in comfort by providing warm towels, warm tubs, and warm tiles by way of installing heated towel bars in the bathroom and heated flooring throughout your home, including in the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and garage.

Plush wall-to-wall carpeting was once all the rage because people wanted to be able to walk around their home barefoot without freezing. The problem, however, is that carpets stain and snag, weather and wear. At the same time, homeowners found that they really like the look of laminate wood flooring as well as tile floors because hard surface flooring provides many more decorative options. The downfall, however, continues to be finding a way to keep the toes toasty. Heated floor options are truly a game changer.

Perhaps nowhere is this more appreciated than in the bathroom. While warm showers are often the best part of our day, let’s be honest – in the wintertime, turning off the water and exiting the shower can be downright painful. In fact, some of us find the shower exit so cringeworthy that we keep the water running, grab our towel, and pull it back in, in hopes of preserving a bit of steam so we don’t have to face the stark nip of the air and the ice-cold tile floor.

Despite our best efforts, that never really works, and inevitably we find ourselves with shivering bodies and chattering teeth. Johnson- Melloh’s heated towel bar, however, enables you to envelop yourself in a swath of warmth as if you had just removed it from the dryer. For your feet to touch a heated tile floor means that no body part has to be exposed to even a hint of chill.

“It’s all about creating inviting spaces and comfortable places inside your home,” says Henry Nichols, Engineering & Sales Manager with Johnson-Melloh. “When you take your shoes off and walk across the floor to get your hot cup of coffee, your floor is warm and so are you.”

If you’re planning to construct a new house or if your current home is drafty, if your towels are cold, or if you would never dare dream of roaming your dwelling without donning a pair of socks and fuzzy slippers, your world could be transformed with these products that provide the latest and greatest in creature comforts.

“Everywhere you go, in every room of your home, you can experience warmth, even in areas where you never thought it was possible,” says Nichols.

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