by Suzanne Huntzinger

When it comes to wedding preparations, the bride is the center of attention, so she traditionally takes the lead, and the men step aside. Just look at any bridal magazine, and you will see it is nearly all about the bride. But hold on to your boutonnieres, gentlemen, because Berny Martin’s Catouwear is changing that.

Finding a tux is one of the main jobs the groom usually has on his radar. Often, that job is straightforward, given the limited number of choices available for men compared to the boundless selection of bridal gowns available for women. Many men gravitate to tux rental stores because it’s easy and they can return it after the big day. But Catouwear’s philosophy is that the groom also desires and deserves perfection in every element.

“A custom-tailored suit will do just that for men looking to have a moment to be remembered,” says Berny Martin, fashion designer and owner of Catouwear, “We offer an infinite number of sophisticated, ageless, exceptional designs to choose from, ensuring a unique piece for each and every man.”

Starting with the color of the wedding, Martin and his staff begin helping the groom select each element to make the most important suit he’ll ever have in his life. “Our goal is to make him look distinguished. From the type and color of fabric to the buttons and thread, we open his mind to choose something that makes him stand out,” Martin says, “They’ll love it so much they’ll want to keep the suit to wear for more special occasions in the future like another wedding or a special anniversary dinner.”

The first appointment with the groom is a consultation or factfinding meeting. This is Martin’s opportunity to ask questions and discover the groom’s history, favorite things and other personal details. Then, the groom gets homework to review options so they can begin narrowing choices. “I take on the role of advisor as I walk the groom through the choices, and he begins to open up and get enthusiastic about the process he once thought of as matter of fact,” Martin says. “Men come in here thinking they’re not going to be very involved in the planning process, and then realize they have complete control over what they’re going to wear for the occasion.”

The little details are what matter most. The groom can choose from thousands of colors and shades for the suit, the color of the lining, thread for stitching, to the color, shape and style of the buttons. The groom can even choose to have his initials, the wedding date or a personal sentiment sewn into the jacket. “Most men don’t realize how much they can do to personalize their wedding suit. It’s my job to get them to open up to the possibilities,” Martin adds.

With all the possibilities, it’s hard to imagine you can get even more creative. Martin suggests an emerging trend is to also allow flexibility of choices within the groomsmen party. Many grooms design their unique suit, while the groomsmen often select a suit in the same color but with slight style variations.

Connect with Berny at Catouwear, 600 E Carmel Drive in Carmel, to personalize your look for the most important day of your life. Visit for more details.