by Shari Held

Are you planning a remodeling project? Or maybe you’re in the process of selecting building materials for a new home. Aesthetics and budget may be the first criteria you think of when making those decisions, however there are other factors at play as well. In particular, there are many advantages to consider when it comes to buying domestic versus internationally sourced products.


If you decide you can’t live without that gorgeous Italian marble, be prepared for an extensive lead time. In addition to production lead time, your order will be placed on a cargo ship that is apt to sit in port for weeks, or even months, before the material can be loaded onto trucks headed to the distribution center.

“Lead times vary, but a typical turnaround for a product we have to import could be 12 weeks if everything goes as planned,” says Amanda Oldenettel, Sales Representative for Daltile & Marazzi. “But recently we’ve seen that lead time increase to as much as six months.”


“Your carbon footprint will be much smaller when products are manufactured domestically and shipped closer to home,” Oldenettel says. “And when you use domestic products, we can put together the numbers for your project to become LEED-certified.”


Many of Daltile’s collections are manufactured in one of its nine world-class American plants. Since they are manufactured closer to home, Daltile is positioned to design and bring products to market more quickly.

And, with more than 200 sales service centers nationwide, Daltile can source materials from other service centers. So, if you’ve waited six months for your overseas order and when it arrives it’s the wrong item or it was damaged in transit, Daltile has many available sources from which to locate a domestic alternative to your original order.


Freight costs are increasing across the board, but when products are shipped domestically, Daltile has more shipping options and therefore more control over the costs.

You can save yourself time, money, and headaches during your next project by utilizing Daltile’s extensive domestically produced collections. For guidance contact your local Daltile Design Gallery Showroom at (317) 841-0883 for an appointment or visit the website at