Imagine seeing the design world revel in your favorite style – and imagine seeing it while celebrating your 100th birthday! That’s the life fashion maven Iris Apfel is living right now, and we’re here for it. We adore her wit, her wonder, and her over-the-top, one-of-a-kind maximalist style. She marked her centennial birthday with a special Maximal Couture fabric collection from Fabricut, each piece of which is bold, brilliant, and unmistakably Iris. Best of all, you can now find them all at Drapery Street!


There’s a good reason Iris Apfel is a celebrity in today’s fashion world: she helped create it. Her inner fashionista was first sparked when her grandmother let her play with fabric scraps… and even take home a few if she behaved.

All those scraps, each with their own unique color and texture, helped Iris get a feel for fabric that would make her a success. Later, she put that talent to work when she launched the textile company Old World Weavers with her husband Carl. Specializing in replicating antique European fabrics, the pair was profoundly successful – so much so that they produced work for nine White House administrations from Truman to Clinton.

Iris has earned her retirement, but she remains an icon in the design and fashion industry. Her trademark oversized glasses, brightly colored and patterned layers, and flamboyant jewelry make a statement that can’t be ignored. She still finds time to lend her expertise to today’s designers, creating incredible textiles like those in her Maximal Couture collection.


Full of flair and exuberance, maximalism is one of our favorite design trends for creating a one-of-a-kind look. At Drapery Street, we can create your dream window treatments, pillows, cushions, and bedding using Iris Apfel’s standout styles from the Maximal Couture collection.

Combined with Drapery Street craftsmanship, these quality textiles will stand the test of time. Embrace excess and layer on bold, high-contrast colors and patterns to create a welcoming home that is luxurious, eye-catching, and uniquely yours.

Ready to turn your home into an Iris-approved icon? Request a design consultation and see how Iris Apfel’s Maximal Couture collection can make your home stand out!