by Shari Held

Concrete is one of the most durable, long-lasting, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing building materials. Your concrete floors, patio, terrace, walkways, and driveway will be around for your enjoyment for years to come. But, as with everything, things can go wrong without proper planning. That’s why it’s so important to hire a reputable concrete company with the knowledge, skills, and years of experience to guide you through the pitfalls of the process and deliver a high-quality product you’ll be proud of, every time.

Flatmade Helps Ease Your Concrete Woes

Issue #1: CRACKING

Cracking is inherent with concrete, making it the most common problem. “As it shrinks, concrete develops cracks,” says Ben Driskell, owner and operator of Flatmade Concrete, “but there are several ways to reduce cracking.”

Solution: One way to reduce cracking, is to ensure your patio, driveway or other project is the correct thickness to begin with. Concrete that’s too thin for its application is more prone to cracking. Also, proper joint placement can help reduce cracks and control where cracking occurs.


Settling and heaving (concrete rises as the ground beneath it freezes, then settles as it thaws) are other issues that can occur with concrete.

Solution: The best solution is compacting soft soil and backfilling with a granular rock substrate that allows water to flow underneath the slab, ensuring proper drainage. “Concrete is only as good as the base it’s poured on,” Driskell says. “If you’re pouring directly onto clay soil, when the ground freezes your slab can move up an inch then drop down lower than it was originally during the spring.” Another remedy is to use steel reinforcement throughout the concrete and tie the slab into the foundation or footings.


The homeowner is disappointed by the overall look of the final product.

Solution: Finish imperfections can be avoided by using the proper of mix of concrete to water and high attention to detail during the pouring/curing process. Hiring an experienced company that knows how to touch up any imperfections is a plus!

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