by Christy Heitger-Ewing

For the past two years, it feels as if life has been delayed. There are delays in production and distribution. Delays in customer service and supplies. There are flight delays, food delays, and the list goes on. While the construction industry is booming, people are also experiencing surveying delays, which makes sense given the volume of work that is out there.

With new construction and remodeling still on the rise, in October 2020, a team of professional surveyors and engineers recognized an increasing need to keep up with demand. This prompted them to start Forefront Surveying & Engineering. Forefront is located in Westfield, Indiana, and strives to deliver industry advanced results by using leading-edge technology, on-point accuracy, and timely response.

“We knew there was a need in the market that would only be growing in the next few years and that we could fill that need,” says Tim Carr Jr., Vice President. The staff of 15 all have a wealth of experience and an abundance of knowledge in the industry. In fact, three of them have more than 16 years of experience in land surveying and construction staking.

“Coming from the construction industry, I’ve seen firsthand how surveying delays can massively impact production. Our team knew that we could be a solution,” says Carr. Because of the team’s size, knowledge, and drive, the turnaround times on projects were soon beating industry averages. Currently, Forefront’s team offers a 50% faster turnaround time than the industry average on plot plans, ALTA surveys, and construction staking.

Forefront is not only serving the industry by helping companies move quicker in the construction process, but they are also helping homeowners. For instance, last year Jocelyn reached out to Carr on a late Friday evening because she feared that her mother, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, would wander off their property. She was urgently looking to obtain permits and get a fence installed. Forefront was able to quickly provide her with completed plans by Monday afternoon and helped alleviate Jocelyn’s concerns.

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