by Shari Held | photo by Graham Photography

There’s no worse way to start your day than jumping into the shower only to be greeted with lukewarm water, then getting out – shivering, and wet – wrapping yourself in a cold towel and stepping onto a chilly floor. It’s definitely an unpleasant shock to the system, and a common scenario that can happen in any home. However, a few key upgrades can help prevent this from happening in your home.


“The primary function of Johnson-Melloh is to alleviate discomfort by utilizing all the wonderful abilities of hot water,” says Henry Nichols, Engineering and Sales Manager with Johnson-Melloh, an innovative mechanical contracting company.

Johnson-Melloh offers a high-quality hot water system that stores enough water to ensure you’ll have enough for a relaxing shower any time of day. Even while you’re running the dishwater, doing your laundry, or trying to get the entire family up and ready for the day. There will still be plenty of hot water for everyone. But having hot water available at your fingertips is only part of the Johnson-Melloh solution.


Imagine you’re in bed cocooned inside your comforter, all toasty and comfy. You know that snug feeling will evaporate the minute you emerge from the warmth of the bedding and your tootsies touch that cold floor. Cranking up the temperature on your furnace will help warm the air but will do little to warm cold surfaces such as your floors. So, you linger in bed a while longer, holding on to that warmth as long as you can.

There is a better way with heated floors. Johnson-Melloh can install your system to use the same heat source from the hot water to warm your floors. No more cold feet! It can even heat your towel bars so you’ll have toasty towels waiting to envelop you in comfort after your shower.

Heated towel racks give you a fresh from the dryer feel with your towels every time. In addition to keeping you warm and cozy, a heated towel rack will dry your damp towel faster. This in turn keeps your towels fresh and clean longer.

Heated floors aren’t limited to just bathrooms either. Heated floors can be great in any space your family gathers. You can enjoy playing games on the living room floor with the kids, cooking barefoot in the kitchen, or basking in the warmth of heated floors in your sunroom on a chilly, snowy, or rainy afternoon.

Johnson-Melloh’s entire system can easily be installed in homes under construction. For an existing home, an instant hot water system can be installed and, assuming proper access (or maybe it’s the perfect chance to remodel!), a floor warming system as well.

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