by Suzanne Huntzinger

Everyone’s buzzing about the booming housing market and wondering whether they too can jump in the game. Laura Turner, Broker/Owner of Laura Turner Realty Group with FC Tucker, simplifies how the buying and selling process begins. “The catalyst for deciding to sell your home and buy a new one is simply a change in life circumstances,” she says.

Homeowners looking to downsize represent over 20 percent of Turner’s business in the past year. Those clients are typically in their 70s, living in a spacious two-story house where they raised their kids. Many of them haven’t been in the housing market for 20 to 40 years, so building trust is key. They’re looking for something smaller and closer to family, especially since the pandemic has caused couples to re-prioritize their lives. Sometimes these referrals come from current clients who want to help their parents make a move from surrounding states to be closer to their children and grandchildren. “I absolutely love those referrals because there’s no higher compliment than to be trusted enough to help referral partners help their parents make that move.”

Similarly, the decision to upsize is also due to a change in life circumstances. Growing a family or having a job change are the most common reasons for upsizing. But families who need an upgrade to a bigger yard for an outdoor living space or a bigger space for a home office are also typical candidates. “I show them they’re sitting on a large piece of equity, and they’re often surprised by how much their property value has increased,” Turner explains, “Once they decide to sell, my job is to help them choose a new home that fits their lifestyle and functionality.”

Talk to Laura today about whether downsizing or upsizing is right for you. Visit her website at, or call (317) 363-0842 for more information.