by Shari Held

When it comes to choosing countertops, whether consciously or subconsciously, deciding between light versus dark countertops is probably the first choice you make. It’s a big decision, and can set the tone for your entire space.

“Countertops are often viewed as the jewelry of your space,” says Kathleen Cannon, Senior Account Representative for Mont Surfaces. “It’s important when selecting them, that they complement you and your home’s style. Whether it’s natural stone or engineered quartz, your countertops are sure to be the focal point of your space.”

If you’re looking for countertops with a “WOW” factor, consider dramatic, dark countertops. They have a sleek, modern vibe that’s currently on trend and look striking combined with white cabinetry. In addition, stains and dirt aren’t as apparent as they would be with light-colored countertops.

Light-colored countertops offer a clean and classic look that can brighten your space and showcase delicate veining as well as bold patterns. Nature takes these subtle and dramatic patterns to a new level by combining warm and cool colors that are as unique and individual as you are. If in the future, you ever want to change your design aesthetic, light colored countertops offer more flexibility.

Looking for white countertops? Mont’s designer-inspired quartz collection offers several variations of white to guarantee you will find the perfect match for your cabinetry. Another popular trend now is pairing the white countertops with white cabinets or taking it up a notch with custom painted gray, green or blue cabinets.

“The combination of dark and light countertops is also a great option,” Cannon says. “For example, a light or white perimeter countertop coupled with a contrasting dark island countertop can create beautiful results.”

Of course, it’s not just about the color. Natural stone (granite, quartzite, dolomite, soapstone and marble) and engineered quartz are popular choices for countertops. They are beautiful, durable and readily available in an array of colors and a variety of finishes that can also have a big impact. For example, consider a polished finish compared to a leathered or honed finish, giving a once traditional look a more updated appearance.

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