Hint the answer is Both!

Farmhouse sinks have been enjoying a moment in the spotlight, thanks to the myriad of home improvement shows that fill the airwaves. However, they have been a staple in many homes for over a century. Families used them for everything from washing up to laundry to bathing children.

So, are farmhouse sinks a classic that will never go out of style or a trend that has come back into fashion? The real answer is both! More importantly, though, are they the right fit for your home?


Farmhouse sinks are large and deep, featuring an apron style front. In addition to their size, these sinks typically feature rounded corners and softer edges. This is changing as the farmhouse gets a modern makeover: you will see many options with sharper, more contemporary lines and edges. Traditionally, farmhouse sinks were made from porcelain, cast iron, or fireclay; today, other materials, such as copper, stone, concrete, and stainless steel may also be used.

Farmhouse sinks are an enduring style, and their versatility is keeping them popular in mainstream design.


With more crisp, geometric models available, these sinks can fit into a wide variety of design styles. While a soft, round-edged farmhouse works in a cottage core or rustic kitchen, a sharper version will fit right into a contemporary space. Materials are also evolving, and you are not limited to a white cast iron model.

While always a functional kitchen workhorse, today’s farmhouse sinks may feature helpful additions, such as built-in drainboards and chopping blocks. This makes clean-up and food prep a centrally located breeze.

When done right, a farmhouse sink can be a beautiful, functional addition to your home. While they are certainly a hot trend, their simplicity, elegance, and utility ensure they will never go out of style. Visit the Northstar Surfaces showroom in Greenfield to learn more and see what options are available.