by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Whenever Mike Rocchio, partner at Becley Building Group, meets with clients to discuss the features they most crave in their new custom home, he hears the same words echoed back to him, time and again.

“Everyone always says they want a ton of natural light,” says Rocchio. That’s good news because Rocchio and his partner, Jason Deckard, partners at Becley Building Group, know the perfect windows to install. “A ton of natural light equals lot of glass, and there’s an energy impact on that. That’s why every home we’ve ever built has Pella windows in them.”

The Becley Building Group, which builds roughly ten custom homes a year in and around Hamilton County, has received a 5-star plus energy rating. Pella windows are a big part of that rating.

“Not only do Pella windows look nice and have customizable options, but they also perform on an energy level that isn’t really surpassed,” says Rocchio. “From a utility standpoint, I’m paying the same now in a 6,400 sq. ft. house as I was in my first starter home that was 2,000 sq. feet and did not have Pella windows.”


At Becley Building Group, the partners know an excellent customer experience starts with being transparent with every client interaction.

“Nobody gets upset when it’s a good surprise, and we try to limit those bad, unexpected surprises,” says Rocchio. “We say, ‘Let us deal with the headaches.’ We want to make the building experience easy and fun,” says Rocchio. “People tend to enjoy the process of building a house more when they can focus on exciting things rather than worrying about schedules, materials or whatever it may be.”

Part of creating a quality customer experience is the harmonious teamwork at Becley between Rocchio, Deckard, and the rest of the team.

The partners recently hired interior designer Marin Mills, who meets with customers to do selections, pick colors, and be the organizing glue that holds it all together.

“Our company took a big turn to the positive when we hired Marin because before her, I handled all of the interior and exterior design selections,” says Rocchio. “I’m a guy so I may have made it more utilitarian than pretty. She makes sure the home is cohesive and beautiful.”

And of course, the Pella windows from McComb also add to each home’s beauty as well as the customer experience. One popular Pella product that Rocchio loves is the multi-slide doors that disappear into the wall and help bring sunshine and nature into the home.

“If you do a lot of entertaining, it’s nice to open it up, hide the entire door in in the wall, and have both of those spaces become one,” says Rocchio.

Rocchio is also quick to praise the McComb Pella team, Eric Gulbrandsen and Jody Sims.

“They’re always on top of everything,” says Rocchio. “When I send out for bids, Eric’s the first to get back to me. If we need to change the package ten times, he takes care of it and never complains.”

From the team at Becley to their partners at McComb, everyone works together to create a high-quality customer experience.

Whether you are embarking on a new custom home build or replacing windows in your current home, you will thank yourself for trusting the experts. Connect with McComb Pella online at or Becley Building Group at today.