by Shari Held

Whether it’s a high-pitched screech or a rumbling, clattering vibration, noisy bath fans are just plain annoying and distracting.

Try conducting business from your home office when your bath fan is in high-noise mode. Everything comes to a standstill while you wait for it to stop. Then, there’s the embarrassment factor. A loud bathroom fan is a not-so-subtle cue that you’re either in the bathroom or have recently vacated it.

Bathroom fans can collect dust, wear out, or sustain damage, causing them to vibrate excessively and become louder during operation. Besides being annoying, a damaged bathroom fan may not move enough air to keep your bathroom free of mold and mildew.

Sometimes, a noisy fan isn’t defective, it just wasn’t manufactured to operate quietly. Most homes are furnished with contractor-grade bath fans that do the job but aren’t especially quiet. Contractor grade bath fans run around 5 to 6 sones (unit of loudness). The lower the sone rating, the more quietly the item operates.

So, what can you do if a noisy bath fan is driving you crazy? Have Burtner Electric replace it with a “Whisper Quiet” bath fan with a sone rating that falls between 1 to 2 sones! Besides being quiet, these bathroom fans are Energy Star Certified which means they cost very little to operate.

“Changing your bath fans can protect your home from mildew and damage, as well as give you the comfort that comes from no longer having to put up with a noisy fan,” says David Burtner of Burtner Electric.

Contact Burtner Electric at (317) 773-7663, or online at We can change out your bathroom fan so you can enjoy peace and quiet once more!