by Shari Held | photos by Graham Photography

Bet you haven’t thought about your air conditioning over the past six months. Right? Warm weather will soon be here, and you’ll rely on your AC to keep your family comfortable.

But what if you turn it on and it doesn’t work? Especially if it’s 80 degrees with a humidity factor in the 65+ range – one of those muggy days when you no sooner get showered and ready to go than your clothes are sticking to you and you hope your deodorant lives up to its advertising!


Now is the time to schedule your summer maintenance. Many issues can be caught and fixed before they become problems. An AC unit contains many mechanical components including coils, thermostat, and electrical systems.

Any component can go bad. Homesense Heating & Cooling technicians will inspect your AC unit and give you an honest opinion. Often a repair will give it a few more years of life. In most instances, Homesense offers a 24-hour turnaround for repairs – unless a part needs to be ordered or it’s the hottest day of the year and everyone is calling.

Repair is always our first choice but replacing your AC may be necessary. If that’s the case, our technician will recommend a solution that addresses your comfort concerns, your health and safety issues, and your budget. We understand an AC unit is a big budget item, so we offer financing through Wells Fargo.


Most of our technicians have been with the company for years and enjoy strong relationships with our customers. Over the years our company’s focus on honesty and integrity has been rewarded with a loyal customer base and an excellent reputation.

You can’t live without AC. Trust yours to Homesense Heating & Cooling. For more information, contact our experts to schedule an appointment.