by Suzanne Huntzinger

The name Johnson-Melloh has been synonymous with providing mechanical services and contracting for over 45 years. But their reputation has come more from not limiting themselves to that model. Instead, they’re known for expanding their services to find solutions that meet the needs of their clients.

Providing comfort to commercial facilities and residential homes is Johnson-Melloh’s business. They do it by focusing on creating energy efficiency. Their professionals dig deeper than just designing a system that controls the indoor air temperature. Engineering and Sales Professional, Henry Nichols explains, “Comfort can be elusive, but think of it this way. If I heat the air in my home but the floor I am standing on is cold, I will be cold. But if the floor beneath me is warm, my toes will be, too. The air temperature doesn’t matter quite as much. When you’re heating this way, the cost to create comfort is less.”

Johnson-Melloh Mechanical traditionally focuses on large mechanical plumbing and HVAC systems for commercial and institutional users. Schools and healthcare systems are among their typical client list. However, since they’re in the business to create solutions, they are also involved in residential projects. They partner with the Indiana residential HVAC dealer network to round out the consumer’s needs for additional comfort options like heated driveways, warm floors, or swimming pool heaters. The traditional residential HVAC dealer does air side delivery very well, and Johnson-Melloh designs and installs the additional comfort options.

“My team does a great job of applying our technical elements. The technicians are extremely astute when it comes to putting together things like pipes and wires, pumps and boilers,” Nichols says, “But the greatest skill is the artistry that they employ during the installation. Every system requires attention to detail because every space is specific. Their challenge is to use creativity to design a system that maximizes functionality in the space given, and integrate that into the installation too.” The end result is a system that works effectively and efficiently inside the space.

Find out how you can get more comfortable in your space. Contact the professionals at Johnson-Melloh for a consultation in comfort. Call (317) 244-5993, or visit their website at for more details.