As we all know, fads come and fade. What’s hot today may definitely not be tomorrow. Marble has a 2000+ year history in homes and architecture. As far as trends go, it’s safe to say this one is here to stay! While there are ebbs and flows in popularity, marble offers exceptional, and enduring, quality and beauty. Is it right for your home?


Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it was formed in conditions of intense heat and pressure. It is composed of calcite crystals, which are white, as well as colored grains of mica, clay, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite.

Depending on the minerals present, the marble can take on a pink, brown, gray, green, or variegated color. The purest forms of marble are white, but we often see beautiful veining in different hues.

In comparison with other natural stones, marble is somewhat less hard (3-5 on the Mohs scale as opposed to 6-8 for granite) and it is more porous than granite. These are important considerations to keep in mind as well as the many benefits of choosing marble surfaces for your home.


Beauty and Uniqueness

There is no denying the elegance and class of marble. Its smooth, sleek beauty lends itself well to a variety of aesthetics, particularly modern, contemporary, and transitional styles. It is also unique: no two slabs of marble are identical, so you get a truly custom look and feel in your home.


There is a reason marble has enjoyed centuries of use: it is built to last! Yes, it is more porous than stones like granite, but properly sealed, installed, and maintained, your investment in countertops or other surfaces will deliver returns for decades to come.

Heat Resistant

Marble was formed under conditions of unimaginable heat and pressure deep in the Earth. It can handle life in your kitchen or bathroom! In fact, forms like Carrara can withstand heat of up to 480℉. So, if you accidentally put a hot dish or styling tool down, don’t panic.


Marble is suitable for a host of applications in the home from kitchen and bath counters and backsplashes to fireplace surrounds, flooring, shower enclosures, and even accent walls.

Be sure to speak with Northstar Surfaces about your needs and goals; our expert team is happy to help you select the right marble solutions for exceptional results.

When you are planning a home improvement project, the details make the dream come true. From countertops and islands to tub surrounds and flooring, marble delivers the style, versatility, beauty, and durability you need. Northstar Surfaces prides itself on carrying unique slabs that cannot be found anywhere else. Our owners personally select and inspect each piece to ensure the highest quality.

To learn more about marble and explore your options, contact Northstar Surfaces or, even better, visit their showroom.