by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you enter a room, the vibe feels off, but you can’t put your finger on why? Nine times out of ten, the answer lies in the lighting. Not only does high-performance quality lighting set the tone of a room but so do the lighting selections. Let’s face it, though; while selecting lighting for an entire house is exhilarating, it’s also a bit overwhelming. This is why it’s key to come up with a lighting plan that offers cohesion throughout the home without everything being or “feeling” the same. But where does one begin?

Local experts in the industry will direct you to the new Visual Comfort lighting display at the Lee Supply Carmel Showroom. Visual Comfort is a premier resource for designer lighting, and they built a stunning showroom just for Lee Supply Corp, a family-owned company since 1949 that’s dedicated to providing the highest quality products for your home.

Featuring high-end designer products and renowned designers like Ralph Lauren and Kelly Wearstler, the Visual Comfort showroom is the biggest in the state of Indiana. Because it’s so mammoth, they have room to display a wide range of products, including chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts, lanterns, track lighting, recessed lighting, and sconces. With such a wide selection, the Visual Comfort line has something for everyone’s budget – from the $200 flush mount light fixture up to the $60K chandelier.

“When Visual Comfort first came out, they were a high-end design line for luxurious homes, but since then they have purchased other companies,” says Ray O’Dell, company lighting manager at Lee Supply. For instance, they have a line called Tech Lighting, which is a leading brand for modern decorative and contemporary architectural lighting. Generation Lighting is a residential lighting designer company that sells middle of the road type products. They also purchased a company called Sea Gull Lighting, which offers production-type products.

One great feature at the Carmel showroom is the computer touch screen that shows all of their products and their availability.

“This can be a self-serve feature where you walk up to the computer screen and surf it yourself or you can ask for help from a lighting consultant,” says O’Dell. “It shows active inventory at the factory so it will tell you what inventory is available at that moment.”

Having those lighting specialists at Lee Supply on staff and onsite is what truly sets them apart from run-of-the mill big box stores.

“They are ready to help design a whole layout of a room or a house or just answer questions to help you pick that one light you need,” says O’Dell. “They are all about helping people create spectacular, stunning lighting.”

While anybody is welcome to walk in off the street and ask a lighting consultant for assistance, if you have plans to design your entire house, it’s best to make an appointment. Just be sure to bring a set of prints for your house so they can walk through and lay out the lighting selections.

“We want to dedicate time to you and your project,” says O’Dell. “We will ask key questions to find out the décor in your room so that we can coordinate fixtures.”

If you need some help in “seeing the light,” visit Lee Supply’s Visual Comfort showroom in Carmel, located at 415 W. Carmel Dr. For more information, call (317) 844-4434 or visit to schedule an appointment.