by Shari Held

These days, granite is no longer the end all be all choice for countertops. In fact, homeowners have endless high-quality options including stunning quartzite selections. When it comes to choosing the right material, it is all about educating yourself and having the right expectations for each selection. So, why choose quartzite for your home?

Quartzite is formed from sandstone, created from merging grains of sand that are compressed and heated deep below the earth’s surface. While naturally white or light-colored, minerals in the groundwater can transform the stone into a vivid array of vibrant, jewellike blues, greens, yellows, and reds.

“People gravitate toward quartzite because of its inherent beauty & unique characteristics, without sacrificing durability” says Kathleen Cannon, Senior Account Representative for Mont Surfaces. “In addition to the wide selection of colors available, quartzite is also available in lighter tones, often mimicking the look of marble.

Other properties of quartzite include low maintenance and UV resistance. These qualities make it an extremely popular option for kitchen and bath counter tops. It can also be used to create a striking backsplash, accent wall, or fireplace surround.

There are a few downsides to quartzite which you will need to consider. “Unlike granites, quartzites aren’t all created equal,” Cannon advises. Check the durability factor of each quartzite before using it for a project. Depending on its origin and natural components, some quartzite may be more prone to scratching.

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