by Christy Heitger-Ewing

The Estridge family has been building homes in the Indianapolis area for more than five decades. Through the years, they have built it all – from the all-encompassing dream home to the more modest production home. Today, they build semi-custom homes, which means that they offer their clients flexibility in what they want.

“If you’re not going to be a true custom home builder, that flexibility is really key, and that’s what makes us unique,” says Rob McGraw, CEO of Estridge Homes. “We offer authentic architecture while allowing customers to personalize their homes.”

Estridge Homes, often referred to as Indy’s Hometown Builder, has assembled a seasoned team with a combined wealth of experience that is truly staggering; when added all together, McGraw estimates that the team, as a whole, has upwards of 500 years of experience.

“We have not only built high-end custom homes but also high volume,” says McGraw. They have people from volume production builders as well as those who have a wide variety of experience and talent to help navigate today’s tough market conditions. Through it all, their vendor base has remained loyal, and that, perhaps, is the most special part.

“We’ve had relationships with our vendors for a very long time. We do not have a lot of turnover,” says McGraw. For instance, they have done business with their drywall company for more than 40 years. “These relationships are very important to us.”

One of their vendors is McComb Window & Door Co. He notes that the Pella products work well for the typical Estridge builds, such as their Serenade model, which is in their 16 Gateway townhome project located off of 16th and College, just steps away from Mass Ave. The model utilizes Pella windows from McComb as will homes in One45 Monon, built by Estridge City Life, which will soon be breaking ground in Carmel. Located at 146th Street and the Monon Trail, One46 Monon will feature contemporary Brownstone architecture.

“Both of those are going to be very nice luxury townhomes,” says McGraw. “And the architectural look and feel of the Pella products always raises Estridge’s projects to another level.”

For instance, the sharp looking black-on-black windows, which are hugely popular today, draw the eye to the outside, which is the main point of a window. McGraw’s personal favorite Pella product is the large open patio doors that are used to highlight the indoor/outdoor living that buyers seek today.

“Those walls of glass allow us to connect indoor and outdoor features,” says McGraw.

What ties this all together is Pella’s excellent team.

“They are all great – from the sales and operations people to those who handle the different types of projects – both single-family and multi-family homes,” says McGraw. He especially appreciates Alejandro “Nacho” Sosa, John Eaton and Jason Hall from McComb Window & Door Co. “Really, what it all boils down to are the people. Those guys’ dedication to serving the customer does not go unnoticed.”

Plus, Pella stays current with today’s trends, which has been helpful not only in color and in style but also when it comes to perfecting the overall look. And while current supply chain issues are unavoidable, Pella has done an excellent job of adjusting to accommodate those changes.

“We communicate with them weekly, getting updates on the status of things,” says McGraw. “That kind of responsiveness is very important and extremely helpful.”

For a next-level window and door experience when building your next home, connect with the McComb Pella team and their talented building partners at Estridge Homes.