by Suzanne Huntzinger

A smart air conditioning system that knows you’re too warm before you do. It sounds pretty high tech and complicated, but Johnson-Melloh simplifies it for you.

Consider that having air conditioning was once thought of as a luxury item. “Technology has advanced so much, that smart cooling isn’t a luxury item anymore,” says Henry Nichols, Engineering and Sales Professional with Johnson-Melloh.

In the past, installing central air required special duct work, air return vents, mechanical closets, all for a very costly price tag. Now, with modern systems, space requirements are minimized so the unit can fit up high in an unused space. “We can place the air conditioner in places once thought to be too impractical to cool – like a garage, pool house, or man cave,” Nichols explains, “It can connect to its own condenser, so it can regulate the amount of cooling and maximize efficiency.”

The end result is a system that cools the space separately instead of a unit working to cool the entire house all at once. Units can also be programmed to cool only when the space is in use or to protect stored treasures from excess heat and humidity even when you’re not around. “The system is designed to fit the homeowner’s schedule, it’s efficient and cost effective,” Nichols says.

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