by Shari Held

“People often come here searching for material for their countertops,” says Kaelyn Van Camp, Marketing Manager for Stone Mart, a wholesale supplier of natural stone and engineered materials. “When looking for stone, there are many ways to incorporate it throughout your home or office. I’ve seen stone used for accent tables, reception desks, wall art, coasters, business cards holders, flooring designs, etc. – people get very creative.”

Stone can be used as the focal point or accent piece in any room. Consider using a slab of beautifully patterned marble for a desktop or designing a spectacular coffee table made of quartzite. Many people use stone for their kitchen backsplashes, so imagine how stunning a stone accent wall would look in your foyer or living area. A great way to display your artwork or collectibles is on floating shelves made of stone. You can even have it cut into shapes for framing or add backlighting to display the stone as a work of art!

One thing you will need to consider is weight. Stone is heavy and requires proper support. If you opt for floating shelves, you’ll want to use support brackets or beams that will adequately support their weight. Van Camp suggests talking to your fabricator or contractor to determine the best stone and proper support for your project.

Another thing to consider is whether you want the stone to make a bold statement or blend into its surroundings. Either way, you are sure to find just the right piece from the vast selection at Stone Mart.

So, get your creative juices flowing! Ask your fabricator or contractor about visiting the experts at Stone Mart to find the perfect stone for your project.