by Shari Held

It’s easy to take for granted your home’s safety equipment such as your generator. It quietly works in the background to keep your home running efficiently – until it doesn’t. What if your generator goes on the fritz at the worst possible time, leaving you in the dark, or worse? Annual maintenance can help ensure that doesn’t happen.

A generator is a major purchase that should last 20 to 30 years with proper care. Prolonging its operational lifespan and maximizing its performance with regular maintenance makes solid sense for your pocketbook as well as your peace of mind.

Annual maintenance on a generator typically includes changing the oil, inspecting the battery, measuring the output voltage and fuel pressure, and cleaning or replacing the air filter and spark plugs.

It also helps if you are aware of changes in your generator.

“Call us if the green light on your generator turns yellow or red,” says Jodi Burtner, with Burtner Electric. “It’s an indication that maintenance is needed.”

Burtner Electric is an authorized Generac Service Center. Any under-warranty repairs or annual maintenance on your Generac generator must be performed by an authorized Generac Service Center. Burtner can service your Generac generator whether you purchased it from them or elsewhere, or if it was already installed in the house you bought.

Many problems and costly repairs can be avoided entirely through the simple practice of following through with annual maintenance and repairs.

Contact Burtner Electric at (317) 773-7663 or visit the company online at to schedule annual maintenance for your generator. Then enjoy peace of mind for years to come.