by Courtney Pope

If you ask anyone their least favorite part of their shower – hands down, grout line cleaning and maintenance! Enter the best solution of this decade; large format porcelain shower panels from Indy Custom Stone. These panels can be installed on walls and ceilings with a book match design, eliminating all grout lines and giving customers the luxury and timeless look of marble, but without the maintenance!

John Lunsford, owner of Indy Custom Stone explains the long-term benefits of large format shower panels, “Tile is known to need long term grout line maintenance and sealing but porcelain wall panels don’t require either of those tedious to-dos. Porcelain wall panels may be an investment in your bathroom, but you are paying for the durability over a tile installation.”

As with any home renovation, your contractor and installer are key contributors to a successful design and build process. “Installation can be tricky if a company isn’t a certified installer or doesn’t have the proper equipment. We use equipment from Omni Cubed, who specialize in equipment designed for moving and working with large, thin panels such as porcelain. We also use our CNC work center from Northwood Machine to cut and fabricate the porcelain panels,” says Lunsford.

Indy Custom Stone’s newly renovated and expanded showroom has several great porcelain slab displays to choose from and a stunning custom display to view in person (as a full bar backsplash). To get started with your bathroom material selection, check out their interactive site or give them a call to schedule a private appointment (317) 877-1000.