by Jamie Anderson | photos by Jamie Anderson, The Homes Aesthetic and Adam Gibson Photography

The Glass House Gallery by Franklin Window & Door offers homeowners, architects, interior designers and builders a personalized solution for windows, doors, and door hardware. The gallery is an impressive space right inside the Indiana Design Center. The boutique environment and educational process allows homeowners and trade professionals to make well thought-out decisions on the right mix of products for their home or project. With an inhouse designer and CAD specialist on staff, you are guaranteed to understand all your options and walk away with a clear vision of your choices.

One commonality popping up in new construction designs in the greater Indianapolis and surrounding suburbs is an abundance of glass. This trend allows homeowners to “bring the outside in.” Daylight floods these beautiful spaces and offers a gorgeous view of the outside.

“We are really noticing a trend that architects are paying special attention to the orientation of the property in relation to the sun, and designing around nature and the property’s surroundings,” says Glass House Gallery Co-Owner, Cori Brown. “One exciting, new product that we are thrilled to see designed into local homes is the Marvin Skycove,” Brown adds.

The Skycove is a glass structure that cantilevers off one side of your home and creates a smart extension of usable space, opens a room to panoramic views, and allows light to come in from four directions. It creates an intimate nook to escape, relax, and rejuvenate, yet its seat is large enough for several people to gather, engage, and share. The Glass House Gallery has just recently added one to their showroom for you to come and experience for yourself.

In addition to setting themselves apart with their luxurious and innovative product lineup, the company’s culture of striving to give their clients an experience they didn’t realize was possible sets them apart from their competition. In some instances, they work directly with the homeowners, while many times they collaborate with architects, builders, and interior designers to come up with unique solutions for homeowners.

Known for some of Indiana’s most stunning, and oftentimes challenging builds, Hoss Homes looks to The Glass House Gallery for all their door and window needs. “Not only are their product lines superior, but they also have excellent customer service when it comes to my staff and me. I never hesitate to send my customers directly to them because I know they’ll receive exceptional treatment that is not only personable, but also professional. They are a very active company in all of the local trade organizations, such as BPCI and BAGI, so they really just check all of the boxes for me and my clients.” – Nigel Hoss, Owner Hoss Homes.

Gone are the days that people want their home to look just like their neighbor’s. Take a drive through any of the custom homesites in Zionsville, Westfield, Geist, or Carmel, to name a few, and one thing you will notice is a vast array of unique architectural styles and colors. Each home represents the creative uniqueness and individualism of its homeowner.

“The Glass House Gallery Team always offers great expertise on my projects, whether I’m looking for a completely unique, one-of-a-kind front entry system, or gorgeous window layouts to accentuate the home’s exterior design,” says Gary Nance, Architectural Designer. “They are one of my most trusted partners when it comes to design collaboration. I am always confident they will show me a handful of solutions that fit every need I have in order to offer choices. They truly are a talented team that I have the privilege of working with.”

Understanding the client’s vision and expectations while building their dream home is a challenge they undertake with pride. The Glass House Gallery stands beside you to ensure your clients have a great experience and an incredible home they will tell their friends about. Using only the highest quality and most exclusive products produced in both the US and Europe ensures that your home or business will make a lasting impression for years to come.

For customers interested in visiting The Glass House Gallery, walk-ins and/or appointments are welcome five days a week. Learn more about their entire product suite and hours of operation online at or