by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by The Home Aesthetic

Tomorrowland may be a themed section at Disney World, but it’s also the framework for which the team at BPI Outdoor Living works. According to Kyla Scheuermann, sales manager at BPI, with every project they tackle, they’re focused on building timeless experiences both for now and into the future.

“By honing all of our talent as a team, which includes build artisans and landscape designers, we come together to make a home’s outdoor living spaces more usable, more memorable, and more intentional,” she says. “And we want those spaces and elements to last.”

Adds Ross Richardson, design manager, “We want our projects to create a legacy for the property and the homeowner, so families can pass it down the line.”

The BPI team follows a three-step design process that considers creativity, aesthetics, and investment. During the first step, they consult with the client on the conceptual design.

“This phase sets us apart because the first thing people may ask about is not necessarily the key issue, which is why we prescribe a design process that addresses the client’s root needs and desires,” says Scheuermann. “We also determine what we can and cannot address as far as build and site conditions.”

To efficiently facilitate step one, the team presents the client with a series of questions to better understand the purpose and intention for the space. They then get into more detail in the second step where they present a 3D model of the outdoor living space to help clients more clearly visualize the design solution and overall plans. Step three involves discussing material choices. At this point, they have honed in on the final design package as well as the client’s investment level.

Throughout the entire process the BPI team continually makes necessary revisions to stay within the client’s desired investment level. The team talks through feasible options and identifies ways to achieve certain styles that check all the boxes without breaking the bank. While Richardson reaches out to suppliers for numbers, he also has a general budget calculator he can implement into each step of the project. As the client gets more dialed into materials, he can adjust those numbers to present a more accurate estimate as a key component of the final package. Each level of design – from initial concept to first master plan to revised master plan to final design package – has a critical budget element.

“We can use that element as one of the key components to help refine as discussed,” says Richardson. “Based on tweaking that design, I can adjust the budget to make it work for any given customer.”

That may involve changing a construction method or a material. For instance, some people perceive materials, such as pavers, as being outside of their reach, but that’s not always the case.

“We advise appropriately to help clients make an investment while still feeling comfortable in their spending,” says Richardson.

Again, because their goal is to erect timeless projects that are accurate, buildable, and achievable, BPI puts in a lot of background work (i.e., construction plans, framing plans, permits).

The BPI team believes in creating outdoor living spaces for their clients to create memorable experiences with family and friends. “A lot of people will throw money at something to be looked at,” says Richardson. “We specialize in creating projects that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also functional and intentional. Those elements should always coexist.”

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