by Allie Moffett | photos by Jacquelyn Renee Photography

The saying “it takes a village” couldn’t be more true when it comes to bringing the First Internet Bank Home-A-Rama to life. This event combines the talent of local builders, designers and architectural teams within six homes. As Stacy Stater of Home & Willow Design shares, “Home-A-Rama is a unique opportunity for home builders to showcase their beautiful masterpieces individually, but in a collaborative effort. It takes many craftsmen, several vendors and a team of designers to bring what starts as a seedling to harvest.”

While members of the Home & Willow Design team were involved in this event individually in past years, this was the first time the team joined in as a whole. Planning for this year’s project began back in January, as it takes months to prepare for such an undertaking. The Home & Willow team has taken coastal modern to a new level, showcasing a black and white color palette and layers of textiles that make the home classic yet interesting to the eye.

Stater shares that two of the team’s favorite features are the his & hers home offices, as well as the basketball court and golf simulator. Yes, you heard that right.

There was no better team to bring the most unique spaces of the home – the basketball court and golf simulator – to life than Carrington Homes. With about 30 basketball court and 10 golf simulator installations under its belt, the Carrington team is a local pro on all things fun.

The Carrington team focuses on fully custom projects, so “if you can dream it up, we’ll find a way to build it,” said Carrington Homes President, Carl McIntyre. One recent project of note featured the addition of rustic trusses made of rough sawn oak and metal tubing.

The construction of these courts and simulator spaces depends on the type of project the team is walking into – new build versus additions to existing homes. McIntyre shared that additions take 6-10 months on average, while new homes are less predictable as the entertainment space is built along with the rest of the home. The Home-A-Rama project took 11 months to complete.

Carrington Homes’ work has caught the attention of Indianapolis’ professional athletes, as a project completed in Carmel is now a common space for NBA players to practice. It is clear that the best of the best have contributed to this year’s Home-A-Rama project.

The Carrington and Home & Willow teams followed Home Designer Revkah Gordon’s lead on this project. As Stater shared, “she’s so talented!”

Revkah gets involved during the sketch phase of projects, ensuring all decisions are made with cohesive design in mind. “We wanted good communication between interior and exterior design to create a clean but bold coastal modern home,“ she shared. “We create continuity throughout by simplifying the color scheme, using similar materials and textures and creating interesting features through architectural elements in the fireplace, large windows, bold lighting and surprising trim work.”

The team worked with Carrington’s Architect Designer Grady McEntire on interior selections including flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops and stone, paint and stain, trim details, doors, hardware, built-ins and so much more.

“I can’t say enough about how incredible he is to work with. His understanding about construction and cost keeps us all in check- and he’s very used to telling me no,” Revkah added. “His great room fireplace and cloud design are unique, and the front terrace off of the bedroom gives old Coastal vibes.”

Revkah emphasized how wonderful it was to work with each designer and creator in the process, especially Home & Willow. “I want the world to know about these incredible women. They are creative, savvy and I have trusted them 100% with the furniture selections for this show home.”

When asked for final comments, Revkah shared, “There is no corner that hasn’t been considered in this show home. It’s an entertainer’s dream, but also, intentional with the details that make it livable and personal.”

Stay tuned to BAGI and Haven’s social media for ticket information to the 2022 First Internet Bank Home-A-Rama at Chatham Hills Sept 22 – Oct 9. Learn more about Carrington Homes, Home & Willow Design, and Revkah Design’s work at their respective websites.