by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Custom Concrete is on a journey to become a destination employer. Most employees go through their entire career trying to find the perfect job, where they fit and belong. Instead, imagine walking in on the first day of your new job and realizing you’ve arrived home, your career destination. Custom Concrete aspires to be a place where employees feel a high sense of belonging and can become the best versions of themselves.

There are employees at Custom Concrete who have been around for 30, 35, or even 40 years. That type of commitment to excellence doesn’t just happen. “When you see a good company culture, you must assume that didn’t just happen. Someone was very intentional to create that vision which then shaped the company culture,” says Jason Ells, Custom Concrete’s Senior Vice President.

Custom Concrete emphasizes a “destination employer” culture because when employees are happy, engaged, and satisfied in their roles it captures the discretionary efforts of everyone. In return, employees are then willing to go above and beyond for customers so they receive exemplary service and will be satisfied too.

Capturing the essence of discretionary effort goes beyond good benefits and a foosball table. Custom Concrete equips its employees with the following tools to be successful:

• Access to a Company Chaplain

• Financial Coaching and Consulting

• Health and Wellness Coaching

• Monthly Employee Engagement Events

• Medical Insurance

• PTO / Holidays

“We’re big believers in building something to the very best of our ability, and that includes our people,” says Ells. Like the foundation of a home sets the future of the home, Custom Concrete wants to build the foundations of their people.

Custom Concrete has job opportunities in commercial, multifamily, residential, and room addition projects. Whether someone has no previous experience or has been in construction for years, Custom Concrete is currently looking to hire exceptional talent. Visit to learn about current opportunities.