by Allie Moffett

Don’t have a green thumb but eager to incorporate soothing natural elements in your home? The Daltile team is ready to introduce you to the world of Restorative Nature.

Daltile defines Restorative Nature as “the understanding that our homes need to provide us with restoration of mind, body and spirit. Restorative Nature means emphasizing health from a physical and psychological standpoint.” The trend incorporates many of the principles of Biophilic Design – “establishing close contact with nature, bringing it inside homes and allowing residents to benefit from its reinvigorating power.” Restorative Nature is rooted in achieving a grounded and slower pace of life, focusing on essentials and a deeper connection to the natural world.

Not only is Restorative Nature easy on the eyes, it is truly good for the soul. As Daltile team member Kimberly Moser explains, “Biophilic design is based on the Biophilia hypothesis, which proposes that humans have an innate connection with the natural world and exposure to it is important for wellbeing. However, human interaction with nature is often lacking in modern societies due to urbanization, building design, and lifestyle. The idea behind Biophilic design is to incorporate natural features into the built environment to provide humans with much-needed exposure to nature.”

The Daltile team offers ample products that embody natural elements. By offering porcelain tiles that resemble wood, stone, and concrete, the team is able to incorporate Biophilia into each design with ease. If you prefer a natural stone, Daltile offers that as well. “If you have an idea, we can pull tiles and bring what you visualize to life,” says Moser.

Though Restorative Nature focuses on the mental and physical benefits offered to clients, it is important to account for the impact this trend has on its namesake: nature.

“It is important to install environmentally safe products,” Moser explains, ”so that while we are bringing nature inside, we are also preserving the health of our planet.” Daltile Corporation uses an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that recycles scrap tile (both fired and unfired), which is then used in nearly every product the team sells.

Find out more about Restorative Nature in design, Daltile product offerings, and Daltile Corporation’s sustainability efforts at or visit their design gallery showroom in Fishers.